The Art Of 
Brooke Cottle
            A Sacred Earth Mission
The Art Of 
Brooke Cottle
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Whether it be 
dotting an organic feel for the 
publishing world or an old world look onto 
the walls of your home or the finishing touch 
that helps create a successful business, this 
website is a great way to enjoy the full scope 
of the art of Brooke Cottle. Along with book covers, 
magazine covers, gift items, multi-media applications 
and other licensing products, her works 
have participated in spiritual books 
for children, and in 2000 she was 
published by one of the nation’s 
leading greeting card companies, 
Leanin’ Tree, based in Colorado. 

sky mural 

North Star Restaurant 
is Featured Pages On This Site: 
The Artist has overseen the making of this site. All personal mail to Brooke will be given to her for a response when possible.

While artistic services include traditional color 
and charcoal portraits, Brooke 
is also the creator of the 
Soul Energy Portrait™. 

Enjoy your stay and stay tuned, 
for the art of Brooke Cottle will 
undoubtedly continue to 
expand and amaze. Soul Energy Portrait™ next Featured Links: 

For over twenty years the Artist has delighted in 
expressing magical worlds . Whimsical, nurturing, 
yet soulful, her fine art ranges from a brand of 
multi-dimensions to works that blend both 
physical and spiritual planes. It is now 
reaching thousands of hearts across the 
country as well as abroad. Her art contains 
“A Sacred Earth Mission”, found 
throughout this website. Because of its 
depth and quality, Masterpiece 
Puzzles Inc. and All American 
Puzzle Factory distributed 
Brooke’s work 
All images and content copyright © Brooke Cottle. All rights reserved.copyright.htmlshapeimage_59_link_0
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Sky Mural w/ Glazed Walls
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Viewers can now order Giclee prints straight from the Artist! about Giclée prints
Brooke’s murals, decorative & faux work are now being offered in                           , 
an eco-friendly, earth friendly  paint product. No more indoor and outdoor paint. 
It’s all good! Her testimonial. . . . .

May 17 - 20, 2009 - NATIONAL STATIONERY SHOW! Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY. Brooke will be offering a new product line to retailers and publishers in the stationery industry, as well as giclee reproductions.decorativefauxmural2.htmlshapeimage_79_link_0
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July 2007
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