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Brooke Cottle
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About Artist Brooke Cottle

Born: To Bankie and Pete. She is the youngest of nine children: one brother, the oldest, and seven sisters, a ton of nieces and nephews.
Beginnings: Her first memory is crawling around, feeling and smelling the grass. Fresh. When she was two, her sister, June, came home from the hospital after being in a coma for a year. Celebration. At age 3, Brooke tried to fly off the boulder in the backyard. Unsuccessful. At age 4, she began to see spirit animals in trees, alive within the shapes of branches. Successful. She also became aware of a special energy in her hands. Preferred mittens over gloves. When she was 5, a damaging house fire separated the family due to a lightning storm. Told The Story At Show And Tell. Another fire at age 6 sadly involved her favorite animals, horses. Kept Them In Her Dreams. Soon enough she found another way to experience profound moments. She’d count inwardly the steps it would take to land on a star, bringing the concept of infinity into the body. Successful, Discovering Spiritual Capacity. Thought that those who were artists were close to the Creator. A Sign. At age 9 she practiced back bends and Chinese splits in the backyard. While practicing, a thought entered her mind; “Instead of doing drugs, why not a back bend?!” Kids Do Yoga Naturally. Had a significant premonition at age 10. Didn’t start to really draw and paint until junior high, when she transferred to public school. Finally Got Over Stuttering. Art classes at the Catholic school were always canceled. However, the Catholic school taught the Golden Rule. Hmm, Not Bad. Compassion. She transferred back to Catholic high school for her last two years, excited now that she could paint everyday. Developed. Here she received the art award at graduation. Kewl. Had dreams of her work someday being published into greeting cards. That Manifested. Logos Manifested. Portraits Manifested. Designs on skis? Not Yet. First job she was designing logos for corporations. She then drew her way into being a young art director at an ad agency. Good Foundation. She danced, studied jazz and taught. Also returned to yoga at age 23, but mainly to practice meditation. Had a kundalini experience, although at the time she didn’t know what that was. The Change Of Her Life Begins. By age 24 she realizes commercial art will not keep her focused on her own art. So, she went freelance. Learned Assertiveness. Good Move. Moved Away From Shyness. Read a lot of metaphysical books. Reawakened. Remembered. Moved More Toward Wellness and Self Awareness. Then, had a conscious out of body experience. A Blessing. It got her through her father’s death at age 25. Adversity Builds Character. One thing she knew about her spirituality is that she loved connecting with nature. A Native American feel became present in her work. Knew nothing of their teachings. Creative Breakthrough = Healing. Entered her first art contest at age 26. Won First Prize. Encouraged. Started art business and continued to freelance and teach dance in order to support her new path, art as a spiritual journey. Grew but not without struggle and wearing a lot of hats. Would do it all over again. Then, mother dies in car crash at age 29. Devastated. First artist’s block. Started All Over Again. Eight months later she returned to pastel painting. Her art gained more depth and healing power. Came Earth Medicine and Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews. Applied her own healing abilities more consciously within her signature Soul Energy Portrait™ by age 31. At 32, started to incorporate other creative modalities. Writing fueled visions for paintings and then paintings inspired more poetry/ songs/ writing. Expanded into murals and decorative work by age 33. Found Peace. Met Rich at 33, the jugglin’ heart ticklin’ soul who continues to enrich her life.
Art Medium(s): She picked up soft, color pastels in 1987 and hasn’t been able to put them down. Fine art is NOT done in airbrush, as most people and publishers often think. Black & White Portraits are done in black and white charcoal pencils. She also has returned to her painting roots. Her murals, decorative work and faux are done in acrylic house paint. Misses oils, watercolors and ceramics. 
Art Training: After studying fine art and appreciating the contour drawings of the masters at University of Connecticut, she attended State University of New York (at Purchase), Manhattanville College and School of Visual Arts. She mostly learns at her home studio or on the art projects that take her on location. 
Philosophy of Art: "Paint from within. Creativity will then fuel more creativity."
Other Interests/ Accomplishments: She and husband, Rich, in 2006 navigated and sailed a 28 foot Catalina from FL to CT, through tornado watches, lightning storms and Wet Butt. Has written 3 books, all awaiting publication, 28 FEET, EARTH YOGA IS, and ADEN BROWNE (a shamanic journey for children). Besides being a yoga instructor of the Iyengar style, studying under Mary Sinclair and Mary Dunn, she was a dance instructor. Currently dances for the trance effects. Also, Gabriel Roth’s 5Rhythms. Loves to jog in the woods, mountain bike, windsurf, hike up tall mountains, swim long distances, ski on snow and water, play guitar, compose, camp. To note, she has been known to roller blade down a high pitched, Adirondack mountain road, clocked at 28 mph. Continued studies include A Course in Miracles, Program for Rebirthing, Reflexology, Metaphysics, Program for Human Development, Stream of Consciousness Writing, Macrobiotics, and Song Circles.
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