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Having been pegged as the “patient child”, this virtue is now greatly serving its purpose. Simply put, she slows time down, similar to biofeedback techniques. Her sessions first begin with quieting the mind and body, communing with and being inspired by what thrives in nature. Brooke waits for her physical senses to settle and does not make a move until she senses the subtle, divine energies rise within her. The colorful blissfulness of soul then takes the wheel as she experiences a complete, raised vibrational shift. Indeed, those magical feelings that Brooke’s hands experienced as a child have returned but with more awareness. By giving herself permission to enjoy nature in this amazing way, now her entire being is fueled by a love that she considers to be a healing force.
Listening to music, Brooke claims, helps to facilitate the intuitive process, so within her sessions the Artist allows soft, instrumental, classical music as well as canyon music, on low volume. As it turned out, her work evolved along with her intuitive direction, and it didn’t take long for Brooke’s work to blossom and contact multi-dimensions. Although she never knows how a painting will come out, the Artist has never had to throw out a piece of art and always knows when one is finished.
It took courage for Brooke to continue these creative/ spiritual experiments that she has now worked on for over twenty years because, for many years, she had no idea if her work had any commercial appeal. What has kept her going is the process. Four to six hours can go by in a session yet it can feel like just one or two. Her energy and vitality for life in general increases when she works, and incredibly so. Marks of enchantment now happen every time she sits at her easel, almost instantly. Since changing her path of art to a spiritual one, she says that her life has taken on a better focus, a glorious wonder, a deeper passion and a sense of mission.  
In retrospect, that which Brooke thought would be a tall order, the finding of an artistic mastery not separate from her spiritual power she now knows is nothing short of her natural self! She has discovered, firsthand, that all beings are not only capable of becoming healing mechanisms, but also the healing process is closely linked to freeing and releasing the self to the loved child within!
When Brooke works, she surrenders over her ego controls and communicates how she feels in this state; how spirit is everywhere, in every moment, in every living thing, and always accessible to us. The irony of tapping into the spiritual collective unconscious is that it happens in quiet solitude. She describes it as a navigation within wherein the body understands divine law. It is not separate from natural law. In order for her to feel divinely inspired, enough to let go, the Artist must participate and allow her spirit to walk through inner doorways. These are places of stillness that lay between one’s inner elements. Also referred to as a place of inner sanctuary, as Brooke herself puts it: “We can move about our lives and know the stillness of the mind, settle the physical senses in whatever we are doing and rather exalt them to higher frequencies of connection, or to the soul’s liberation, even to transcendence itself.”
The first phase within her Harmonic Elements collection, as shown above, are the images found in the Seeds of Spirit web-page on this site. Seeds of Spirit . . . .  These are the originals that were created in the late 80’s early 90’s. They consist of expressions that seem to come from a fantastical world, full of music, full of spirit forming, similar in movement to that of the animation, “Fantasia”. By keeping true to the process of these “open eye meditations”, and not on their outcomes, the Artist experimented further by including flowers. These picture references come from her own photography as do the swans and horses. At the time of their creations, her immediate surroundings were donned by gardens and the waters of Long Island Sound. Although the Artist’s work has since expanded on many levels, Brooke still attributes her success to communing with nature coupled with discovering how organic energy moves through her.
As she honors the vital relationship we have to all living things, her artwork is meant to demonstrate the beauty and genius that surrounds us. By illustrating the interplay of human and animal into a coherent whole, Brooke’s art is meant for her viewers to experience a Sacred Earth. One of her dreams is that we as a planet can become a family, one that calls Earth their home, and one that supports each member to experience their higher self. In so doing, we’ll realize not only that within is without and without is within, but also how compassion for self and others leads to peace on Earth.
Being a fine artist has many challenges, and one challenge for Brooke has been getting her work out into public view. She has remained steadfast in her pursuits, however, holding strong the understanding that a continuing determination leads to the manifestation of great dreams. What has also kept her going is that she realizes her work shows us the oneness found in nature. Throughout this site, especially on each painting’s enlargement page, she includes the energy each painting speaks of, or the important, navigational tools we  benefit from. These lead us to operate from our soul’s level rather than personality level. By Title . . . .  Some works, to note, include messages Brooke has received from prophetic dreams or “soul dreams”, as she likes to call them. As you may have already witnessed, there’s a nurturing quality in Brooke’s fine art. “When we see ourselves as spiritually innocent,” she says, “it certainly puts a whole new twist on the story of our lives!”
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In her teens, Brooke took pride in her artwork being described as exact replicas of real life. As she developed artistically and spiritually, however, she made a decision to break away from what was becoming too comfortable and mechanical. The process by which the Artist now creates started in her twenties and was prompted by a yearning for certain magical feelings she had known in her hands as a child.
She spent the early part of her twenties in contemplative reading, gathering information from spiritual traditions worldwide. Treating this personal pilgrimage as her sacred secret, Brooke actively participated in the investigation of who she was on a spiritual level and widened her scope. After witnessing for herself the benefits of eastern philosophy through the practice of yoga and meditation, the fortunate effects of alert restfulness, a kundalini experience, an out of body experience and a growing psychic awareness led her to incorporate these methods into the process of making art.
One day she sat down at her easel without picture reference, not only to see if she could make sense out of the page, but also to establish in the session living out a spiritual experience. Without an art teacher around, she grew to set her own disciplined standards, feeling if any breakthrough were to come it would be authentic, also not critiqued. Mostly, it would profess the guidance from rather her “inner teacher”. She continued to put into practice her intention and connect with the universe found within. To this day, in her sessions, the Artist focuses inside her heart chakra and only picks up the colors IT is attracted to.
On art as a spiritual path; “Only by connecting with nature and tuning out the outer distractions can I surrender to inspiration itself. Within this core of being a heart truth beyond the intellect is apprehended, wherein the colors and the canvas have a say. I follow the experience of ‘the now’ in order for a spirit song to be sung through me. Art, for me, has always been based on following the soul’s bliss, but it takes a further, more conscious refinement to become the absent facilitator. We all have an inner artist. Some call it ‘Co-creator’.”
All images and content copyright © Brooke Cottle. All rights reserved.
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