A Sacred Earth Mission
The Art Of 
Brooke Cottle

Brooke is now expanding, working 
on several book concepts and series. 
A spiritual book for children (and all ages), 
ADEN BROWNE features the Native 
American ancient tradition of shamanic 
journeying. It is written in two ways: 
story form and song/ poetry.
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 Aden Browne I Am Somebody Brooke Cottle
Brooke Cottle  Yoga Earth Is Holding Our Mirrors Up 

is an adult book about the sacred messages that stand behind yoga 
poses. It features animals as our yogic 
totems and discusses how imitating nature leads leads to self awareness. The book 
incorporates Native American earth 
medicine wisdom, physics, metaphysics, 
and how this all ties in with the eastern 
philosophy. Get to know how the poetry 
of the elements in motion work within the
 body and bring clarity to the 
misconceptions about evolution. 
Holding the mirror up to nature is often discussed.
Before, During and After
the Ship’s Log Brooke And Rich Cottle  28 FEET 

is inspired by Brooke and Rich’s 
adventure up the infamous
Intercoastal Waterway, or the ICW. 
It speaks of the ship’s log but, also, the 
logs within the ship’s log, what led up 
to do the trip and where they landed. 

Brooke Cottle’s art has often been 
described as a cross between Georgia 
O’Keefe, Native American mystical
classics, Hawaiin marine artists. However,
when you examine the multi-dimensions 
within her work, it becomes apparent that 
Brooke Cottle is indeed, a harmonic 
illuminist. Brooke opens her personal 
portfolio in this book to show us her 
original works that progressively 
navigated her toward healing and, 
thus, liberation of the soul.
T  H  E   A  R  T   O  F
Brooke Cottle
A   S a c r e d  E a r t h  M i s s i o n Aden 
Browne Yoga Earth Is 28 FEET T  H  E   A  R  T   O  F
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