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What is a Soul Energy Portrait™? 

Many of us adults shy away from getting our portraits done. Perhaps we think it’s egotistical to glorify the self, or that honoring ourselves in this way would feel too awkward. A Soul Energy Portrait™, however, couldn’t be further from these man-made stigmas. Such a portraiture is geared toward personal growth and toward helping you integrate into your life more consciously. 

The ancients throughout Native American history, if alive today, would perhaps call a Soul Energy Portrait™ a personal “totem pole”. Totems refer to ancestral beings, real or mythologic, guardian animals of a clan, usually supernatural. Many totem poles were destroyed by Westerners because they thought these were religious symbols. However, totem poles were built to tell a story, to honor heritage but not to be objects of worship. There are seven totems, or spirit animals, on a totem pole. These consist of being closely connected to the seven main chakra centers of the body. Although this demonstrates to us how eastern and western philosophies have indeed collided along the way, the wisdom of these native tribes was not well known to us modern Westerners.  

In every art session, Brooke steps into the frame of mind of being one with nature. Before she knew anything about Native American Earth Medicine or the history of the totem pole, spirit animals would come and speak to Brooke through her own chakras as she’d paint.  She learned through her own process how we all have the right to connect with the worlds of spirit and, once she listened in carefully and trusted the impressions she was receiving, she realized how natural and easy it can be. Now, after years of experience, her clients’ spirit animals come forth, and she can communicate to her clients their transformative power. 

Because the Artist’s work engages in a healing method of deep interactive imagery, that which separates this portrait from any other is how her clients receive a distant healing, somewhere during or shortly thereafter the production of the art. Within the divine moment, this shamanic Artist goes into a blissful state of consciousness wherein creativity and healing become one and the same. So, it's important for the subject to be made aware that often an energy shift toward wellness may take place within them. You or your home may thrive in a whole new, yet integrated, way. The art can even be used as a template to work with, a way to communicate with your “team” of guidance. It can be appreciated as a visual aid in your meditation, and it lasts a lifetime! 

All creatures great and small are a part of our coherent whole, and each spirit totem has a unique insight to offer. One may come to guard or guide while another may show up to help you grow or heal. Let it be known that such inner guidance is there for every soul.
While this special portrait may visually speak of your higher abilities and special gifts that you alone bring to the world, it also speaks of very subtle energies, happening within the chakras, or within your inner elements, and how they can be further balanced. Hence, a Soul Energy Portrait™ is rather an animated description of what these rather humble implications mean. 

In some native teachings, animals are known as the gatekeepers to the faery realm, to the god and goddess realm, even to the angelic realm. Since we humans are the youngest animal species on the planet, this makes the animal kingdom, who came before us, closer to the “Creator of All”. After all, we humans relied on their instincts, we followed their lead for sustenance, and they taught us what it means to be a wild, boundless spirit. Their place in evolution states how they live close to the elements while their lives show us why and how to not separate from nature. In living close to the elements, the animal kingdom lives closer to the doorways that lay between them. In essence, while spirit totems may symbolize the inner compass that can guide us to infinite wisdom, these portraits ultimately point to your divine nature. A Soul Energy Portrait™ contains the mission to show how you are inseparable from nature and the spirit world. The best way to consider one, perhaps, is as an exploration in pointing you back to “the garden”. 

The practice of yoga, for instance, a practice that is based on imitating animals, is a fine example of discovering nature as our guide to those inner pathways that then lead toward the liberation of the soul. This is why Brooke wrote the book, YOGA EARTH IS.

Through the study of your particular energy, the art of Brooke Cottle, not only helps you to recognize your soul song, but also shows you a glimpse of your intrinsic value! This way to spiritually evolve is within Brooke’s belief, as well as to further ingrain yourself more into nature's laws so that you find divine law. In turn, when you are able to attune to all of nature, you’ll find spiritual relationships of all kinds! 

If the client wishes, Brooke can provide a written account of any transmitted, spiritual communication that transpires during the creation of the piece. In this case, the full name, birth time and birth date is helpful, and requested, because your astrological and numerological profile assists her. 

While a Soul Energy Portrait™ would make an amazing surprise gift, in this case it will be considered a commissioned fine art piece. The policy that Brooke stands by is that a Soul Energy Portrait™ is a spiritual contract, one that can only exist between Artist and Subject, for the Subject must be made aware of any healing work that is to transpire. A commissioned art will still contain the ethereal quality that Brooke offers, but it won’t provide a written account of any transmitted, spiritual communication. To note, such commissioned gifts remain a wonderful avenue, such as a child on a unicorn, an adult involved in what they love to do, or a person in some sort of magical setting. So, if you have a dream, a favorite animal, a vision that you think only Brooke’s art can capture, she can work with you. Brooke accepts all kinds of commissions.

Policy on the Soul Energy Portrait™

Artist Brooke Cottle takes great care, to not only capture a close and approving likeness of her Soul Energy Portrait™ client, but also is committed to research the client’s particular energy through her intuition, magnetic healing ability and knowledge of elemental balancing. Gathering the client’s full name, birth time and birth date is helpful, and requested.

She asks all of her Soul Energy Portrait™ clients, especially the ones who would like a written account of any transmitted, spiritual communication, to not offer too much information about themselves besides what is practical. This is suggested so the client can experience the authenticity of her spiritual work.

A Soul Energy Portrait™ will take significantly longer to produce than Brooke’s traditional or charcoal portraits. It could take up to a month or a little more for these portraits to be ready, from start to finish. The Artist will let you know how her schedule is looking. 

Brooke normally provides nature references for the piece, since this too is part of the intuitive process, but feel free to discuss any special requests or special expectations you may have about the piece in general. 

The Initial Meeting If Local
Brooke can photograph the subject at a small, additional cost, if picture reference material of the subject(s) isn’t provided. A photo session can take up to a couple of hours. The meeting should take place where the subject feels the most comfortable. Reviewing the subject’s gestures, mannerisms, inner light, as well as nature’s lighting conditions, allows the artist to respond accordingly. Photographs taken by the Artist mainly are used for reference, but remain the property of the Artist. 

If You Are Not Local
Do not fret. Brooke can work from picture reference material you provide, from just chatting with you, reviewing the pictures, as well as from her intuitive process and prayers. However, if there is travel involved beyond what is considered reasonable, these expenses must be met by the client or purchaser.

She guides local and non-local clients into which photos will work best. Often Brooke mixes and matches pictures to get the finest portrayal of her subject. Several views give her a good idea of the client’s features, their best lighting, and that special something that only this individual exudes. Look for candid pictures and that show the face clearly, colorfully, not washed out. And large views if possible. It always works out, no worries. Also, think about clothing, or even a pose, that describes you in your natural best. 

Materials Used
Materials used are Sennelier soft pastels, a Degas favorite, on Sennelier pastel paper from France. These soft pastels are the purest form of artist color, made almost exclusively from pure pigment with only enough binder to allow them to be formed into useable sticks. The extensive color lines like Sennelier allow artists like Brooke a choice of many subtle color variations. Pastels will not crack, yellow or darken with age. However, they can become damaged if exposed to high humidity or rough handling. Thus, proper framing under protective glass, but prevented from contacting the glass, is essential for the care of your investment. Matting and spacers help. Do not allow the surface of the pastel painting to be touched, for smudging may occur. Also to note - original pastel paintings created by Brooke Cottle are NOT to have fixative or sealers applied for they will modify and distort the work in a manner that would prejudice the Artist reputation. 

Before each job is started, a non-refundable down payment, or half of the total estimated cost is required. This gets the Artist started. Take note that your decision to commission Brooke is based on the quality of work you have seen in her portfolio or on this website. The rest of the balance is due upon completion of commission and acceptance by the client. For those who may or may not be local, if you’d like, a digital photo of the finished product can be sent to you via e-mail for final approval. If you are local, arrangements may be made for the delivery of the final portrait.

Any little fine tunings to make once the work is presented is acceptable. However, if specifications of the commission change in a dynamic way during the creation or after completion of the artwork, these changes, if can be made, will be reflected in the final contract. The purpose of stating the policy of the Artist is to kindly define the scope of the work and responsibility of each party prior to the execution of the final contract.

Because of the internet and good ‘ol US mail, no matter where you are your commission needs can be served straight from Brooke’s studio. Shipping costs will need to be added to total cost, however. Although Brooke only offers framing for the black and whites, and not for color pieces or fine art, she uses packaging that specifically handles these delicate, soft pastel paintings. 

Copyright Issues
Clarification of Artist rights as protected by the Federal Copyright Act of 1976 and the Federal Visual Rights Act of 1991. Purchase of a copyrighted artwork does not transfer the copyrights. This means the copyright to reproduce the works in copies, to produce derivative work based on the copyrighted image, and distribute copies is retained by the Artist. Any transfer of this copyright must be in writing expressly identifying what rights are being sold and for what purpose. Works of art cannot be modified without the permission of the Artist. Works cannot be distributed, mutilated or modified in any way that would prejudice the reputation of the Artist.

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