A Sacred Earth Mission The Art Of 
Brooke Cottle
Soul Energy Portrait™
In respect to my clients, I do not disclose any personal, written material that I share with them from their Soul Energy Portrait™. However, what I can say about this one is the energy it speaks of - love and healing. We as exalted beings can, energetically, help ground our young to the Earth. There is much power in the feminine here, while Pegasus energy and the wave action speak of the creative force needed. Healing and being healed becomes one. Hands express the winds of the heart. To the right is a Japanese crane, that which brings in her spiritual heritage. The ability to give undivided attention is present and active, be it the nurturing of a project or child or invention. Perhaps it needs to be nurtured and kept as a sacred secret for now so the birth or manifestation is a success. Back To Soul Portraits
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