A Sacred Earth Mission The Art Of 
Brooke Cottle
Soul Energy Portrait™ Hearing

In respect to my clients, I do not disclose any personal, written material that I share with them from their Soul Energy Portrait™. However, what I can say about this one is the energy it speaks of; hearing the soul’s voice leads to inner knowing. We have the ability to receive spiritual information through inner and outer voices when we are in tune with our own rhythm. They may sound like whispers or answers to one’s own questions. These may mysteriously appear as signals and signs in nature. Soul messages may come through other people as well. Here, each spirit animal has a specific energy to offer and, thus, can assist in our soul’s purpose and direction. Learning to listen in new and expanded ways leads to empowerment, but this can be in a tender way. There may be the need to shed the old emotional self in order to reclaim one’s power as a woman.
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