A Sacred Earth Mission The Art Of 
Brooke Cottle
Soul Energy Portrait™ Touch
In respect to my clients, I do not disclose any personal, written material that I share with them from their Soul Energy Portrait™. However, what I can say about this portrait is the energy it speaks of - heightened sensitivity to touch. By stepping into the intuitive self, we can become aware of the physical properties of “invisible” or “unseen” energy. Meditation helps settle down or drop away the normal physical senses and, in its place, arises exalted experiences. Open eye meditations are more likely to have a texture. These experiences might be accompanied by physical signs such as inner tingling, blissfulness, feeling a presence that you just know so much about, or even skin rashes. One might become aware of the weather coming before the reports are out. Thus, feeling the world and the experience of others around you becomes keen, as does a heightened sensitvity to taste, smell, shape, and temperature in the physical world. The sense of where not to put your energies can be a powerful tool. It can provide great protection.
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