A Sacred Earth Mission The Art Of 
Brooke Cottle
Soul Energy Portrait™ Polarity

In respect to my clients, I do not disclose any personal, written material that I share with them from their Soul Energy Portrait™. However, what I can say about this portrait is the energy it speaks of - how balancing polarities can lead to creativity and well being. In these special portraits, a totem may show up that is connected to elements that are not in one’s chart. Their assistance is invaluable, however, especially if coupled with one’s willingness to grow in that direction. Sun and moon, lightness and density, fast and slow, alone time and social grace, the yin and yang of foods. Knowing these and the like bring balance and vitality. For instance, how can we know what happiness is if we haven’t experienced sadness? When we move through both, and perhaps at the same time, we’ll know the core being. Humility is empowerment and empowerment is compassionate. In yoga, if one muscle should receive a thorough stretch it’s only because it’s opposing muscle is strengthening. Thus, there’s a need to create the harmony within all aspects of ourselves. Imagine if your work required both discipline and play. As we nurture ourselves and others in this way, cooperation among all species becomes our goal and peace the natural result.
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